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rechtsschutzversicherung vergleich - Avatar
rechtsschutzversicherung vergleich -
Created by deinerechtsschutz on Apr, 29 2021 with 1 Members

Eine Rechtsschutzversicherung übernimmt im Falle eines Rechtsstreits die Anwalt- und Gerichtskosten. Diese können schnell mehrere tausend Euro betragen. Kommt es also zum Rechtsstreit mit dem Nachbar, einem anderen Verkehrsteilnehmer im Falle eines Unfalls, dem Arbeitgeber oder dem Vermieter, so sind Sie finanziell abgesichert. Welche Leistungen die Versicherung dabei genau übernimmt, hängt von den Bausteinen ab, die die abgeschlossene Rechtsschutzversicherung beinhaltet. Lesen Sie mehr dazu in den folgenden Abschnitten.

Customized Filter Testers Avatar
Customized Filter Testers
Created by ttyu2121 on Apr, 13 2021 with 1 Members

AUTOMATED FILTER TESTER 8130A SKU: 8130A The Automated Filter Tester Model 8130A continues to be the best solution for testing particulate respirator filters, disposable filtering face pieces, and a wide assortment of filter media. TSI filter testers have been used in quality control and manufacturing by leading filter and filter media manufacturers and reference test institutes around the world for more than 20 years due to their proven durability and reliability, which is valued in demanding manufacturing environments and QA/QC laboratories. PRODUCT DETAILS Based on TSI's established model 8130, currently the world's most-used filter tester, model 8130A now offers higher sensitivity and resolution - up to 99.9999 percent efficiency has been produced with Emery oil at concentrations of 200 mg/m鲁. The new serviceable photometers are lowering the cost of ownership and enable proactive scheduling of maintenance for minimal impact to production schedules. The model 8130A features a high degree of automation and self-diagnostics that greatly simplifies operation, increases throughput, and improves overall measurement performance. When looking for a stand-alone tester to determine penetration or filter efficiency and pressure drop of your media, filter cartridges, filters, and respiratory masks the model 8130A is up to the challenge. The built-in capability to test with salt and oil means that just one unit is needed to test your product to: 鈼?US 42 CFR 84, GB2626, JMOL 鈼?ISO 16900-3, EN 143 鈼?ISO 23328-1 (and more) APPLICATIONS 鈼?USA commercial respirator regulation 42 CFR part 84 鈼?Chinese respirator standard GB2626 鈼?Japanese respirator standard JMOL 鈼?European EN 143, ISO 16900-3 and related respirator standards 鈼?View EN 143 Compliance Report (US) 鈼?View EN 143 Compliance Report (DE) 鈼?ISO 23328-1 (testing filters for anaesthetic use) 鈼?Filter media testing 鈼?Consult your TSI representative for more details INCLUDED ITEMS 鈼?Reference media sheets 鈼?Flat-media and gravimetric filter holder 鈼?Reference pressure drop plate 鈼?Oil and salt aerosol generators 鈼?Selected spare parts 鈼?Contact TSI for custom filter holders FEATURES & BENEFITS 鈼?Highly consistent test results 鈼?Salt and oil testing in one unit 鈼?Complies to more standard than any other filter tester 鈼?Reduced cost of ownership with new serviceable photometers 鈼?Customizable fully automated testing sequences 鈼?New user-interface and data recording options 鈼?Ergonomic design 鈼?Worldwide service and suppor Customized Filter Testers website:

Tiger's Eye Crystal Points Avatar
Tiger's Eye Crystal Points
Created by ttyu2121 on Apr, 13 2021 with 1 Members

Our History Jiangsu Jiejing Crystal Development Co., Ltd. was established in August 2018 with a registered capital of 30 million Yuan锛寃hen the 鈥淥ne Belt, One Road鈥?initiative was proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping. Since then, the Jiangsu Donghai crystal industry, based on its own characteristics and advantages as the 鈥淲orld Natural Crystal Raw Material Distribution Center鈥? has been actively cooperating with the European crystal industry, especially the Czech crystal industry which is the representative of the crystal industry. The Jiangsu Donghai crystal industry has worked together with the Czech crystal industry in integrating the industrial resources with complementary advantages to expand the domestic and international markets, and then to extend to a wider range of cultural and artistic fields and deeper Sino-European trade, and thereby the reputation of Jiangsu Donghai as the 鈥淐rystal Capital of the World鈥?is reflected. Our Factory Our company focuses professionally on the design, development, production, sales and service. We are making great efforts to develop new products to meet diverse requirements. We are committed to creating natural crystal products of the best quality. Our company currently operates more than 1,000 kinds of products, with the main sales products including crystal balls, crystal points, crystal tumbled, crystal gravels, crystal clusters, raw crystals, crystal geode, crystal specimen, crystal carvings, crystal chakra, crystal sets, crystal jewelry and so on. Our company has advanced carving and production equipment, computer automation equipment, 3D carving technology, the use of standardized process production lines to provide customers with product batch production. With experienced engravers and other support staffs, our company has rich experience in customization, welcoming ODM& OEM orders. Our Product Crystal Healing Stone Set Crystal Carving Products Crystal Craft Crystal point Crystal tumbled stone Product Application Meditation, Spirituality, Home Decoration, Feng Shui, Fashion Jewelry Production Equipment 22 Plane Engraving Machine銆?2 3D Engraving Machine銆? Sawing Machine銆? Cutting Machine銆? Sanding Machine Production Market North America 70% South America 5% Europe 25% Our Service Our company is dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, where our experienced staffs are always available to know your requirements and ensure customer satisfaction. Adhering to the business principle of mutual benefits, the company has won a good reputation among customers because of its perfect services, quality products and competitive prices. We warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to cooperate with us for a common success.Tiger's Eye Crystal Points website:

Polyolefin Tail Gas Recovery Plant manufacturers Avatar
Polyolefin Tail Gas Recovery Plant manufacturers
Created by ttyu2121 on Apr, 13 2021 with 1 Members

Polypropylene tail gas recovery unit uses the pressure of tail gas itself to gradually reduce its gas to low temperature, most of the olefin components are liquefied, and then after gas-liquid separation, the product olefin is reheated and returned to the reactor for recycling. After separation, the olefin content in tail gas is very low (鈮?2%), so it can be returned to the degassing bin for recycling. The utility model is characterized in that the polypropylene tail gas recovery device is mainly composed of a reaction furnace at the bottom end, an exhaust fan on the reaction furnace, a recovery layer on the exhaust fan, an air exchange fan on the recovery layer and an air outlet on the air exchange fan, The cost is saved, the waste is avoided, a large amount of tail gas is avoided to be discharged into the air, and the environment is protected.Polyolefin Tail Gas Recovery Plant manufacturers website:

Customized Atmosphere Dress Up Christmas Hanging Banner Avatar
Customized Atmosphere Dress Up Christmas Hanging Banner
Created by ttyu2121 on Apr, 13 2021 with 1 Members

Our Product Cow bells, hand bells, bottle openers, umbrellas, keychains, etc. Product Application Travel souvenirs, company gifts, event promotional gifts, etc. Our Certificate BSCISGS Production Market Quanzhou Crowner Trading Co.,Ltd. has total assets of 2 million yuan and more than 40 employees. Its main business areas: Sweden, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, South America, Canada, Australia, etc. have maintained a healthy, stable and rapid growth. An average increase of 60% in 2019 and an average increase of 50% in 2018, from 1 million in 2005 to 30 million in 2019. Sales revenue in 2019 is 30 million yuan, an increase of more than 60% over the same period last year. Our Service 1. Pre-sale service: a. Provide users with free technical consulting services. b. Provide users with product samples, company profiles, credit certificates and other materials. c. Invite users to our company to inspect product design, product manufacturing process, product prototypes, product testing facilities and quality management system. e. Our company can have experienced technical personnel to design and select models for free according to the technical parameters provided by users. 2. During the manufacturing process of the service product on sale, the relevant technical personnel of the user are invited to our company to observe the inspection of each process in the manufacturing process, and the relevant technical personnel of the user are provided with the product inspection standards and inspection results. 3. After-sales service: a. Our company is equipped with a high-quality after-sales service team mainly composed of technical personnel. After receiving the user's service information or feedback questions, make the answer and deal with the user's satisfaction in the shortest time.Customized Atmosphere Dress Up Christmas Hanging Banner website:

BNOA manufacturers Avatar
BNOA manufacturers
Created by ttyu2121 on Apr, 13 2021 with 1 Members

Our History Henan Zhongwei Chunyu Plant Nutrition Co., Ltd., affiliated to Henan Zhongwei High Sci-Tech En Chem Co., Ltd., which is a is a high-tech enterprise group focusing on microbial fertilizer, plant growth regulator, plant nutrition, and other green products. Focus on plant nutrition and plant growth regulator for more than 24 years. The company's scientific research strength is strong, with 2 American doctors, 3 plant nutrition doctors, 8 plant protection masters, 6 senior synthesis process engineers, The plant has a total investment of 150 million yuan and covers an area of 66700 square meters: the first phase has a construction area of more than 30,000 square meters, with 10 workshops, research and development buildings, and comprehensive service buildings; Zhongwei Chunyu plant nutrition factory has a plant nutrition and plant health product production line with an annual output of 10,000 tons. The main products are plant nutrition series, plant health care series, water-soluble fertilizer series, biological bacteria series, etc. At present, the scientific research center has 24 R&D personnel, more than 2,000 square meters of R&D experimental sites and 200 acres of experimental pilot test bases, equipped with advanced experimental equipment such as gas chromatographs, liquid chromatographs, and micrometers. A number of scientific research institutes, including the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Henan Agricultural University, and Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, have carried out industry-university-research cooperation and obtained nearly 200 patents and trademarks. The company obtained the import and export right approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation in 2003, and has rich export experience. Its products include plant growth regulators such as DA-6, atonik, GA3,NAA IBA, IAA, 6-BA, 6 KINETIN,CPPU,biofertilizer, mutual functional water-soluble fertilizer, lawn and garden care products, etc., and also provide comprehensive solutions to customer needs. Dedicated to providing better, professional and comprehensive services to new and old customers around the world. Our Factory Zhongwei Chunyu Plant has a plant nutrition and plant health product production line with an annual output of 10,000 tons. The main products are plant nutrition series, plant health care series, water-soluble fertilizer series, biological bacteria series, etc. The plant has a total investment of 150 million yuan and covers an area of 100 acres: the first phase has a construction area of more than 30,000 square meters, with 10 workshops, research and development buildings, and comprehensive service buildings; the second phase will build the Zhongwei Museum, multi-functional training center, etc. Committed to building a first-class modern and intelligent high-tech enterprise in Henan Province. Our Product Our group main product: 1. Plant Growth Regulator 2. Insecticide 3. Herbicide 4. Fungicide 5. Veterinary Drug 6. ECO fertilizer 7. Bacterial fertilizer Quality, Competitive price and Comprehensive and perfect service is our aim. We have been doing unremitting efforts for the plants, for the human food and living environment to provide superior solutions Our Certificate From 1997 when the company founded, the company is related to the quality of the product we offer. we had carried out industry-university-research cooperation and obtained nearly 200 patents and trademarks. We regards product quality as the company life. We passed ISO9001, ISO14000:14001, China Quality, Service, and Credit AAA Enterprise, Henan Province Environmentally Friendly Unit, China's Famous Best-selling Brand and so on. Our Service Besides our existing molded products, our group and our research also can do the product as customer special demand, meet the oversea market demand. We control the product quality critically for every step during the manufacturing from custom. We offer technical support that is second to none.BNOA manufacturers website:

Customized Special Printing Ink/paste Avatar
Customized Special Printing Ink/paste
Created by ttyu2121 on Apr, 13 2021 with 1 Members

Transparent fabric 3d print rubber paste on textile printing Cowint is Top 10 IN CHINA SCREEN PRINTING CHEMICAL.Focusing on the field of high-end special materials, the quality bench marking is the international first-class standard, and the price has advantages over Europe. Thick and fast, light. Product Introduction Fabric 3d print is based on the pulp, it is like the pulp repeatedly printed several layers, it can achieve very neat three-dimensional effect, generally speaking, the process requirements are relatively high, but it is now popular in the world's printing technique! Generally suitable to be used in the comparison of the movement of casual style on the design of the general use of Numbers, letters, geometric patterns, lines, lines should not be too fine. Some people have a unique pattern used to print flowers, seen in autumn and winter skin or thicker fabrics. Product specification Product feature (1)Good mesh, smooth surface, bright. (2)Strong three-dimensional sense, good fastness, washable. (3)High color amount, bright color, strong anti - return viscosity. It is suitable for thick plate screen printing and thick plate hand printing on the plain cotton textile fabric with general elasticity in dark and light colors. Production process 1.Basic 鈶?CTS-T630SC 99% Agent 1% Total of 100% 鈶?Printing (printing 5~6 times, to smooth natural drying) or heat treatment 鈶?Use the 40T-48T mesh screen, thick version 2.Surface 鈶?CTS-T630SC 94% Color Pigment 5% Agent 1% Total of 100% 鈶?Printing (printing 2~3 times, to smooth natural drying) or heat treatment 鈶?Use the 40T-48T mesh screen, thick version 3.Curing Process: 鈶?Temperature is 130鈩冿紝with 90s. 鈶otes:Nature dry with 4 hours before curing. Product certificates Exhibition situation In 2019, our company in Vietnam and Pakistan to participate in the exhibition, the company of the year also took part in the foreign trade salesman and several senior technicians, they were interested in for the film, but haven't find a good supplier, and our company has the advantage of size film, can custom size for the customer, the customer can be quite agree for the quality of our film, so that we can solve more problems for our customers, especially when we have a client they company has always been to do silk screen printing, through our professional introduction, the customers become our potential customers in the day, after the show, the customers give us orders. Extension 1) Glue is a retractable paste used for printing on textiles and leather. 2) It is polymerized from polyacrylate compounds into viscose latex. After film formation, it has stretchable and elastic function. After filler addition, it has good covering property. 3) At present, the market products cover printing glue and transparent glue, cover printing glue and white cover printing glue and color cover printing glue; 4) In general, mask printing glue is used on dyed fabric, transparent glue is used on white fabric. 5) People have carried on the extensive research and the application to the glue pulp, has launched a lot of different from the traditional coating water pulp series products. 6) Especially in recent years, the continuous introduction of environmentally friendly rubber printing products has increased the prospect of rubber printing products. At present, textile T-shirts, children's clothing, adult clothing and other fabric printing products are widely used to process rubber printing products. 7) High, medium and low elastic rubber printing are formed in the application process. 8) Matte and glossy paste printing; 9) Stepwise dot paste printing; 10) A colorless, vaguely effective, embossed, flower-like rubber print on light-colored fabrics; 11) A rubber print with a transparent effect on a stretch or thin white fabric. 12) The printing of the fabric and leather on the hand-made table plate by the method of screen printing has good imaging performance and stereoscopic performance. 13) It can be printed on a variety of color fabrics; 14) Can be printed on cotton, hemp, viscose, polyamide, polypropylene, polyamide and various kinds of fiber blended fabrics; 15) It can also be printed on leather, artificial leather and other materials. 16) The products printed by the glue paste shall have abrasion resistance and good washing property.Customized Special Printing Ink/paste website:

Low Carbon Steel Fiber Free Sample Avatar
Low Carbon Steel Fiber Free Sample
Created by ttyu2121 on Apr, 13 2021 with 1 Members

Products Information: The end hook type steel wire fiber is a high-performance steel fiber that can improve the impact resistance and fatigue resistance of concrete and improve the impermeability of concrete. Because of its high tensile strength, good toughness and low price, it is often used as Compared with other shapes of steel slopes, bridges, tunnels, airports, ports, railroad sleepers, etc., it is widely used as a substitute for rows of steel fibers. Highway bridges: road pavement, bridge deck paving, box arch bridge arch ring, continuous box beam pouring; hydraulic dam: underground powerhouse, hydraulic tunnel lining, water erosion and wear parts, gates, sluices, aqueducts etc. Technical Information: Type锛欸SF0950 Diameter锛?.9mm锛?.035 inch锛?/p> Length锛?0mm锛?.0 inch锛?/p> Tensile Strength:鈮?000Mpa锛堬紴145ksi锛?/p> Aspect Ratio:56 Material锛歀ow carbon steel wire Application: 鈼?Highway bridge 鈼?Hydraulic dam 鈼?Railway sleepers 鈼?Port and Ocean Engineering 鈼?Tunnel and mine engineering 鈼?Pipeline engineering 鈼?Other construction projectsLow Carbon Steel Fiber Free Sample website:

China Belt Cleaner factory Avatar
China Belt Cleaner factory
Created by ttyu2121 on Apr, 13 2021 with 1 Members

Product introduction Polyurethane belt cleaner and alloy belt cleaner are both used to clean the adhesive object on the conveyor belt, the biggest difference between them is the material of the cutter head. The polyurethane belt cleaner is made of high molecular polyurethane with low friction coefficient. Feature 1锛塛ear-resisting, cutter head has high mechanical strength and excellent wear resistance, the service life is 4 times higher than alloy belt cleaner. 2锛塆ood cleaning capacity, the machine body adopts the spring structure, which can automatically adjust the knife edge to keep the best adhesion between the knife edge plate and the belt surface, and ensure that the adhesive substance of the belt is cleaned. 3) Easy to operate, it can be easily installed regardless of the width and height of the frame.China Belt Cleaner factory website:

KN95 Mask price Avatar
KN95 Mask price
Created by ytqou8wh on Apr, 13 2021 with 1 Members

About Us XIAN MICRO-A Titanium Metals Co. Ltd. is a leading enterprise integrating manufacturing, developing, processing and sales of all kinds of Titanium and Titanium Alloy products, which relying on the huge production capacity of CHINA TITANIUM CITY, including high-level equipment, heavy processing equipment, technology, scientific research and material advantages锛宎s far as carry through sharing the resources of comprehensive strength efficiently and provide end-users with the high quality products. Equipped by heavy forging and rolling equipment, we produce high quality big size Titanium Slabs and Bar Billets, Rolling the Plates and Sheets with AMS 4911 and ASTM F136, Machining the bars with AMS4928 and ASTM F136 standards, as well as the Titanium Tubes, Wire, Rings and profiles. Standard: ASTM, AMS, ISO and DIN, etc. Our specialty and advantages are senior Titanium Parts鈥?machining processes and operations with kinds of high level mechanical equipment and machining centers. We will machine various complicated titanium parts profiles according to your drawings, samples and technical requirements with high quality and competitive prices. We look forward all interested companies to contact us for cooperation in the spirit of mutual trust and mutual benefits. We will do our best to work according to customer鈥檚 requirements. Gr5 Titanium Pipes for sale website:

galvanized threaded rod Avatar
galvanized threaded rod
Created by nnzwnn26 on Mar, 29 2021 with 1 Members

Handan Daoning Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Yongnian County, Hebei Province, which is the largest standard parts production base in China. It is a large scale, the construction of the factory earlier lead screw special-shaped parts professional manufacturers in southern Hebei. Adjacent to 107 national highway, convenient transportation. Based on the principle of quality first honest to treat every cooperation our factory mainly produces wire all U double straight hook, high-strength screw and wire products, all bolts, industrial parts, railway parts, to do the calibration, and so on have 4.8 8.8 10.9 and so on electric galvanized color blue hot dip galvanized coating process, such as growing in the service wholeheartedly for the users. The company will be a brand - new operating mechanism and management philosophy, to the high level of products, practicality and good quality, to create high-quality. Sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life at home and abroad to negotiate business!galvanized threaded rod website:

frp gel coat panel manufacturers Avatar
frp gel coat panel manufacturers
Created by nnzwnn26 on Mar, 29 2021 with 1 Members

Our History Qinhuangdao Zhendi New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturing enterprise of FRP sheet. We own advanced production lines and equipment. Also we have advanced technology and years of production experience. And has a number of patents, the company has passed ISO9001 certification. Our main products are FRP lighting sheet, gel coat sheet, decorative sheet, FRP gutter sink, FRP truck body sheet, sandwich plate and so on. Depending on the scientific supervision mechanism, professional after-sales service, and high-quality products, our competitiveness is improving constantly and we received widely praise and highly admitted in FRP industry. In order to solve the problems of lighting, refrigerated trucks, building decoration, corrosion resistant and other problems, Zhendi new material Technology Co., Ltd. provide a variety of FRP sheet to fit different geographic and climatic conditions. We focus on quality and technology, Fully serve the customer all over the world. Company has always pursued "customer first, quality first, reputation first" the service objective. Sincerely hope to cooperate with old and new customers from all over the world. Customer satisfaction is our endless pursuit. Warm welcome to all customers to negotiate business with us, Hope to create splendid splendid tomorrow with you hand in hand. Qinhuangdao Dnuo Technology Development Co. Ltd. is professional manufacturer of FRP sheet production line. We are domestic production of FRP sheet making machine and biggest-selling company. We own advanced technology and more than 20 years' experience. The main products are FRP lighting sheet production line, FRP gel coat sheet production line, FRP embossed sheet production line, FRP decorative sheet production line, FRP gutter production line and Refrigerated truck body panel making machine etc. With professional technology and high quality service, Dnuo has occupied about 70% domestic market with obvious advantage,and our product has been exported to the United States, Russia, Chile, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Jordan, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Azerbaijan etc. Our Factory 鈼?21 years experience in FRP manufacturing 鈼?ZHEND have two production lines, one for the width less than 1500mm and the other for the width less than 3200mm. The annual production capacity is about 3,000,000 SQM. 鈼?With ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate approved Our Certificate Our Service After Sales Service 1. We provide you aftersales installation, test running and trainning. 2. One year guarantee. 3. 24 hours online telephone service. 4. A large stock of components and parts, easily-worn parts. Pre Sales Service 1. Provide professional technical support. Our experienced engineer can design the machine according to your requirements and factory dimension. 2. Send the product catalogue and machine specification. 3. If you have any questions, please contact us online or send us email, we promise we will response you as soon as possible! 4. Factory visit and inspecction are welcomed. Sales Strength And Sales Network At Home And Abroad Thanks to the professional technology and high quality service, Dinuo has occupied about 70% domestic market with obvious advantage, and our product has been exported to the Russia, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.frp gel coat panel manufacturers website:

Customized Wood Fitting Connectors Avatar
Customized Wood Fitting Connectors
Created by nnzwnn26 on Mar, 29 2021 with 1 Members

Material: Stainless steel 304 / 316 Surface treatment: Satin finished / Mirror finished Diameter: 45mm Usage: Indoor / outdoor Product type: Wall flange for wooden handrail Model: DWFC 5310 Wall flange for wooden handrail from our range provides a stylish and contemporary look to any handrail system. Wall Mount Flange for Round Wood Handrail is ideal for terminating wood handrail sections onto flat wall surfaces. Incredibly easy to install, simply attach to wall surface, insert wood rail and tighten the set screw to provide a secure fixing. Available in stainless steel Grade 304 and 316 and designed with simplicity of use in mind, the system provides maximum flexibility to overcome unforeseen onsite challenges.Customized Wood Fitting Connectors website:

China Garlic factory Avatar
China Garlic factory
Created by nnzwnn26 on Mar, 29 2021 with 1 Members

Big bag of garlic essential oil, which has a high health effect in garlic, is the general term for all sulfur-containing compounds in garlic. The sulfur atoms in these substances are highly reactive and can spontaneously transform into a variety of organic sulfur compounds. These organic sulfur compounds can be transformed into other sulfur compounds under the action of physical, chemical, and biological factors. Most of the sulfur compounds in garlic have extensive pharmacological and medicinal effects. Garlic can be eaten raw, mashed, simmered, decoction, or mashed for external application, sliced and broiled at acupoints. Capsaicin is resistant to heat and decomposes quickly when exposed to heat, and its bactericidal effect is reduced. Therefore, garlic should be eaten raw to prevent and treat infectious diseases. If you are afraid of bad mouth after eating garlic. You can drink a cup of coffee, milk, or green tea after eating garlic, all of which can clear the breath.China Garlic factory website:

Placemats manufacturers Avatar
Placemats manufacturers
Created by nnzwnn26 on Mar, 29 2021 with 1 Members

銆怣ain material and Advantage銆?/strong> 鈥?Polyester yarn 鈥?PVC 鈥?Extremely durable 鈥?Washable 鈥?Heat resistan 銆怣ain application銆?/strong> 鈥able cloths,Table runners and Placemats 銆怌autions銆?/strong> Store the fabric in designated locations aways from ignition sourcres. 銆怭roduct packaging information銆?/strong> 銆怭roduction workshop銆?/strong>Placemats manufacturers website:

Wholesale Dried Fruit Maker With Adjustable Trays Avatar
Wholesale Dried Fruit Maker With Adjustable Trays
Created by nnzwnn26 on Mar, 29 2021 with 1 Members

Our Factory Establised in 2009, Located in Dongguan China. Our Product Dongguan RUNLING Technology Co.,Ltd is a leading professional and experienced manufacturer(OEM/ ODM) which focus on a which focus on a full range home appliance , intergrating R&D and sale.Such as Stand Mixer,Food Dehydrator, and Vacuum Sealer ect. Our Certificate All our products gets GS/CB/CE approval, and some accessed with UL/ETL list, also RoHS/ERP certificated. We had setup our own laboratory for safety test, function test, lifetime test, materials test ect. Our R&D department is experienced and energetic team, we are always keeping up with customer needs and market trend. Production Equipment With continuous effort and great passion for the electric home appliances industry. RUNLING had been assessed and found complied with ISO9001:2008, and also BSCI certification. With well organized brand new20000m factory and six production line. RUNLING continuously provides well-designed products with good quality, reasonable price and good service to meet different customer satisfaction. Keeping"Passion for Innovation" as our enterprise business goal. RUNLING hopes build a strong partnership with you to co-create a bright business future. Production Market With the rapid development and growing demand from the market, depending on mutual trust, support and cooperation from our partners and clients, the scope of our business is expanding constantly. Currently we have major partners and clients from all over the world, especially from South East Asia, Europe and America. We not only provide RUNLING branded products but also provide OEM/ODM service to meet the demand from different markets and customers. Our Service With continuous effort and great passion for the electric home appliances industry. RUNLING had been assessed and found complied with ISO9001:2008, and also BSCI certification. With well organized brand new 20000銕?nbsp;factory and six production line. RUNLING continuously provides well-designed products with good quality, reasonable price and good service to meet different customer satisfaction. Keeping"Passion for Innovation" as our enterprise business goal. RUNLING hopes build a strong partnership with you to co-create a bright business future.Wholesale Dried Fruit Maker With Adjustable Trays website:

China Cinema Seating suppliers Avatar
China Cinema Seating suppliers
Created by nnzwnn26 on Mar, 29 2021 with 1 Members

YH-9 series and YH-5 series are mainly plastic series designed for auditorium, multi-purpose hall锛実ymnasium, cinema and worship venues etc. YH-9823 with standard or high back option, satisfying different user needs at different occasion. More than this, the seat back has swing function to make it comfortable for long time sitting. With a wide array of center distance from 550mm-580mm, good seating layout design can be achieved with good sightline. Characteristics Green material 鈥?Backrest & seat shell made of PP, easy to be cleaned and maintained; 鈥?Armrest PU with cupholder, can be folded; 鈥?Back & seat foam are high resilient polyurethane sponge to guarantee comfort, with good strength. Guaranteed quality 鈥?Die-cut by quality cold-rolled steel plate. The metal parts are under static plastic powder coating, double anti-rust process 鈥?Robotic welding with high quality; Slow rising mechanism 鈥?Hidden slow rising mechanism makes sure there鈥檚 no shock, noise when the seat returns, and return speed is adjustable. Comply with 鈥?/span> ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System; 鈥?/span> ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System; 鈥?/span> ISO45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standard Upholstery & Timber Veneer Single/mixed color, custom material & color also available Measurement: 鈥?Center distance: 550mm/580mm Back height: 1000mm 鈥?Seat height: 430mm Armrest height: 645mmChina Cinema Seating suppliers website:

Waste Compress Baler in stock Avatar
Waste Compress Baler in stock
Created by nnzwnn26 on Mar, 29 2021 with 1 Members

1. Function of the FYD-20 Plastic bottle baler FYD series Plastic bottle baler are applicable in recycling companies, to press paper, plastics, UBC, etc into acceptable size, so as to reduce cost of transportation and storage. 2. Specification of the FYD-20 Plastic bottle baler SPECIFICATION ModelFYD-20 Main Power4Kw*1 Voltage380V/3phase/50Hz (Customized) Main Force200KN (20Ton) Machine Size锛圠*W*H锛?/p>1150脳960脳2850 mm Bale Size (W*H) (Aluminium)800脳600mm (Customized) Bale Weight50~110Kg Strapping :Manual Operation ControlButton control Machine Weight (Approx.)850Kg Oil type46# or 68# Abrasion-resistant hydraulic oil.(-10鈩儈60鈩?) Notes: All mentioned capacity are based on our previous experience and knowledge. A final statement to the capacity is only possible after a test with original material. 3. Feature of the FYD-20 Plastic bottle baler 鈼?nbsp;Hydraulic drive. 鈼?nbsp;Compact design for easy transport. 鈼?nbsp;Chamber size, operation control, bale size & bale shape can be customized. 4. Application of the FYD-20 Plastic bottle baler 5. Shipment Packing 6. Warranty of the FYD-20 Plastic bottle baler The Plastic bottle baler machine with 12 month warranty period. Technical support and parts sell for the whole life span of the machine. Warranty shall start at time of initial installation at customer鈥檚 location, and not later than 15 months from delivery date. Within the warranty period, in the event of any malfunction caused by the quality of the commodity, We will replace defective parts free of charge. Defective parts are to be returned to Derby (Seller). Wear parts are exclusive from this warranty.Waste Compress Baler in stock website:

Buy A Type Layer Chicken Cage Avatar
Buy A Type Layer Chicken Cage
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INTRODUCTION: A type 128 cage is used for layer birds above 60 days. it can be used for small quantity below 1,000ps or big quanity above 20,000pcs. 鈼?Auto feeding system, 鈼?Auto manure removing system, 鈼?Auto egg collection, 鈼?Auto watering sysetm, 鈼?Auto ventilation system锛?/p> 鈼?Lighting system. FEATURES: 鈼?Longer using life: hot-dip galvanizing technology can protect anti-corrosive and lasting for at least 15 years. 鈼?Easy operation: simple design makes the operation easy. 鈼?High efficiency: the automatic system can save labor costs and increase working efficiency. 鈼?Low break rate: auto egg collection can reduce human labor and egg breakage. 鈼?Clean environment: manure removing system can make sure the environment in the shed is clean and reduce harm to the bird锛?/p> APPLICATION:Buy A Type Layer Chicken Cage website:

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